It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our ISS2019 program!

This year’s program features twelve acclaimed guest faculty members from locations as vast as England, France, United States, Portugal, Hong Kong, Australia, Zimbabwe, and Turkey. Consisting of ballet masters, repetiteurs, choreographers and guest teachers, ISS2019’s guest faculty are all acclaimed professionals working actively on the international dance scene today. What connects these outstanding personalities is the fact that each and every one of them are artists -  often of quite extraordinary capacities.

Two guest teachers that we are very pleased to be welcoming this year are Yannick Boquin and  Siner Görenç. Both Yannick and Siner travel the world nomadically working with the world's leading ballet companies and training institutions on a weekly basis. Returning international guest teachers this year are Charles Andersen, Jane Devine and Paul Boyd will assume the role of "ISS2019 Choreographer in Residence."

ISS2019’s courses (ages 7-10) are designed to bring young dancers in contact with their own creative impulses so that they can translate and express ideas as confident young artists. With morning classes in classical ballet, contemporary and repertoire, afternoons are reserved for exploration through our acclaimed creative arts program. ISS2019’s courses (ages 11-18) offers students an introduction to the international arts community by encouraging engagement through different repertoire and coaching methods

Following the outstanding success in January 2018, our youth.ballet program returns for pre-professional students aged 15-18 at ISS2019. With a focus on cultivating the skills and approaches synonymous with contemporary ballet, students in this program study the repertoire of 21st century choreographers exclusively. This year Laura Graham will return to continue introducing concepts and repertoire of William Forsythe, 

One of my biggest goals as Director of the International Summer School is to offer an accessibility to international knowledge that reflects the exciting developments and revelations within the dance world. To punctuate this commitment, in 2019 we will be hosting our first teachers.symposium - designed to give Australia’s teachers the opportunity to observe and engage directly with our guest faculty. We often hear how teachers lack access to new impulses and I hope that our 3-day program will be a step to providing support in the community.

I feel it is important to mention that while the majority of our guests are largely unknown in Australia, nor do they have gigantic Instagram followings to validate them, they are hard working industry professionals that are changing the face of dance in their respective institutions from behind the scenes. Their acceptance to join International Summer School’s faculty and share their knowledge in Australia is a great honour and a largely unprecedented opportunity for young Australian students and teachers.

There is no us and them in the arts, there are no winners. There are only those with the courage to be vulnerable and express their ideas. Therefore, I propose that January be the month where Australia’s private and full-time institutions come together, outside of competitive arenas, to find value in creativity and thinking critically about dance.

The arts community I know overseas is one of truth and integrity, qualities that can easily be lost when we are consistently drawing comparisons. International Summer School are encouraging teachers, students and parents alike to set aside their chosen syllabi, techniques and school identities so that we can share new approaches to the arts together as a community.

I look forward to sharing a vision of contemporary ballet quite different to what we know in Australia this January with you all.

Terence Kohler
ISS2019 Director