International Summer School are offering students the chance to tailor our 2019 program to suit their individual needs with our Masterclass Morning Series. Starting with classical and contemporary masterclasses, students will round of their mornings with a specialty classes in either pointe, coaching, boys technique or pas de deux (subject to timetabling/enrolments) to focus and build their technique under the watchful guidance of our esteemed guest faculty. Teachers and coaches for this program will include Yannick Boquin, Catarina Carvalho, Paul Boyd, Siner Gonenc, Jane Devine, Charles Andersen and Terence Kohler.

With demands on professional dancers changing so rapidly over the past few decades, the need for dancers to be adaptable today is ever-increasing. We understand and support that many students are setting their professional aspirations beyond Australia shores and we are committed to providing international approaches that prepare them in advance.

Choose from our Single, 3-Day and 6-Day passes to make the most of your summer with Masterclass Mornings at ISS2019!


14 - 18 years of age
9.00am – 1.15pm daily

Single Day Pass Dates:
Wednesday 9th January 2019
Thursday 10th January 2019
Friday 11th January 2019
Tuesday 15th January 2019
Wednesday 16th January 2019
Thursday 17th January 2019

3-Day Pass Dates:
9th - 11th January 2019
15th - 17th January 2019

6-Day Pass Dates:
9th - 11th & 15th - 17th January 2019

Single Day Pass - $95
3-Day Pass - $265
6-Day Pass - $495