Our 12th International Summer School places creativity at the heart of programming by featuring a series of engaging junior and senior workshops introducing aspiring and pre-professionals STUDENTS to the international arts community.

We believe in cultivating artistic expression and our non-competitive and supportive philosophy allows students to thrive within our inclusive environment.



Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Repertoire, Yoga and Creative Dance classes

Beyond exciting daily dance classes in various styles, this course encourages students to explore their own creativity through a series of music, acting, art and creative dance classes, under the watchful guidance of our esteemed guest faculty. junior.dance is perfect for students looking to explore their artistic skills through a series of dance and creative workshops.
7 – 10 years of age / 9.00am – 4.30pm daily
One-week course: 9-13 OR 15-19 January 2018
One-week course: $465 (Early Bird Fee until October 31) – $495 after this date
Two-week course: $895 (Early Bird Fee until October 31) – $945 after this date


Classical Ballet, Contemporary, 19th / 21st Century Repertoire, Movement & Improvisation, Pas de Deux, Variations, Boys Classes, Yoga, Body Conditioning

Our senior.dance courses are designed to foster the artistic and creative development of students aged 11-18. Through a range of age-appropriate classical, contemporary, repertoire, movement and body conditioning classes, participants will explore dance from the international perspective of our curated guest faculty.
11 – 18 years of age / 9.00am – 4.30pm daily
One-week course: 9-13 OR 15-19 January 2018
Two-week course: 9-13 AND 15-19 January 2018
One-week course: $565 (Early Bird Fee until October 31) – $595 after this date
Two-week course: $975 (Early Bird Fee until October 31) – $995 after this date 




Classical Ballet, 21st Century Repertoire


This new two-week youth.ballet course will offer pre-professional students direct access into the international arts community. Participants will be introduced to the work of acclaimed international choreographers William Forsythe and Alexander Ekman as well as have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive new creation by ISS18 ‘choreographer in residence’ Cathy Marston. This course aims to equip students with a greater understanding of the artistic potential of choreography and encourages the skills required of a professional dancer in actively contributing to a choreographer’s creative process.
15 – 18 years of age / 9am – 6.00pm daily
Limited places apply
Two-week course: 9-13, 15-19 January 2018
$995 (Early Bird Fee until October 31) – $1095 after this date


Choreography, Improvisation, Contemporary

Our new create.dance workshops are designed to jumpstart the creative curiosity of participants by introducing them to the art of choreography. This course will offer participants the opportunity to be mentored by ISS18 choreographer in residence Cathy Marston and members of our guest faculty as they explore the process of imbuing movement with meaning. Whether you are an HSC student looking to practice your composition skills or you are simply interested in the expressive quality of movement, this course promises to inspire!
15 – 18 years of age / 12.00pm – 6.00pm daily
One-week course: 15-19 January 2018
$565 (Early Bird Fee until October 31) – $595 after this date