Featuring motivating classes in classical ballet, contemporary, variations, improvisation and daily repertoire classes, our ISS2019 guest faculty will offer students a myriad of approaches to dance from around the world. Curated to foster the technical, artistic and creative development of students aged 11-18, senior.dance features a series of age-appropriate specialty classes like 21st century repertoire, boys coaching, pointe work and pas de deux to encourage skills development collectively.

With a shift in each program’s focus each week, be sure to take advantage of the two-week senior.dance program to experience the most of our ISS2019 guest faculty.



11 - 18 years of age
9.00am – 4.30pm daily

One-week course: 8-12 OR 14-18 January 2019
Two-week course: 8-12 AND 14-18 January 2019

One-week Fees: $585 | $595 | $615 | $625
Two-week Fees: $985 | $995 | $1,015 | $1,025 – SAVE $185!


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